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Ammonia Scrubbing

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Ammonia (NH3) is a frequently used gas with a typical smell. It damages copper and its alloys, and must therefore be kept away from copper conductors.


The most important applications of Ammonia are cooling, chemical syntheses (e.g. production of fertilizers) and hardening of metals. Ammonia is very soluble in water and is also sold as a water solution (usually 25%).

BETE Emergency Ammonia Scrubber

Besides the classic production scrubbers, BETE sells a very efficient, but also compact and advantageously priced emergency scrubber. This emergency scrubber is used a.o. in spaces where large Ammonia cooling compressors are located.

As soon as the Ammonia detector indicates an Ammonia leak, the emergency scrubber is automatically started. The scrubber prevents Ammonia escaping into the environment. For storage spaces and compressors of smaller dimensions, operation of the scrubber could also be manually remote controlled.

Immediately Operational

The unique advantage of these BETE Ammonia scrubbers is that they are immediately operational. Warming up is not necessary, and thus they have no start-up time.


Security system on an Ammonia scrubber
Security system on an Ammonia scrubber

Ejector scrubber in black polyethylene
Ejector scrubber in black polyethylene

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