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Gas scrubbers


Applications for Gas Scrubbers

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Gas scrubbers are generally applied where hazardous, corrosive or bad smelling components in air or gas exhaust streams are to be removed or neutralized. Where necesarry, they are also used for removing dust particles from these exhaust streams.

Exhaust Gas Scrubbing

Exhaust gas scrubbing (or wet gas scrubbing) can be necesarry when using solvents, with combustion processes, when using glues or hazardous gases.

Take a look at our solution for Ethylene Oxide (EO) and Propylene Oxide (PO), two gases with a wide application scope in a number of industrial processes. Their chemical structure demands for technical expertise and unusual design and construction.

BETE also developed an emergency Ammonia scrubber. Ammonia is a corrosive gas, used for cooling applications, and found in the production of fertilizers.

Industrial Odor Control

Some components are not or just marginally hazardous, but have a very strong smell. Because of their often very low smell treshold, high scrubber efficiency is required for their removal.

Gas scrubbers provide a popular solution for industrial odor control because of their flexibility. Where necesarry, more scrubber stages can be provided, so that up to more than 99,9% of the bad smelling components is removed.

Multiple scrubber stages are often used where H2S removal has to be performed.

Specialty Gases Cylinder Filling Stations

A lot of specialty gases are sold and shipped in gas cylinders. Emptying and vacuuming these cylinders in the gas cylinder filling stations is a critical task, since no gas residues may stay behind. BETE developed a multi-purpose scrubber for this application, provided with multiple security systems.

More Applications

Overview of applications that Bete(r) gas scrubbers perform today.


Packed tower scrubber in Izmir (Turkey)
Packed tower scrubber in Izmir (Turkey)

Ammonia (NH3) ejector scrubber in polypropylene
Ammonia (NH3) ejector scrubber in polypropylene

Security system on an Ammonia scrubber
Security system on an Ammonia scrubber

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