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Gas Scrubbers


Gas Scrubbers

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Industrial processes are often a source of toxic or corrosive substances. These substances pose a threat to the employees, or can be a source of complaints for the neighbourhood. Thus, this production is often subject to strict environmental standards, and companies can find themselves forced by law to find a solution.


Gas scrubbers neutralize hazardous components in industrial air or gas exhaust streams.


The basic idea is to force the air or gas exhaust stream to make contact with a scrubber liquid. During this contact, the concentration of hazardous components is reduced to levels below these required by the government.

Several Types

Scrubber type is defined by the differences in forcing this contact between the incoming air or gas stream and the scrubber solution. Each type has other applications, capacity and efficiency.

The packed tower scrubber employs the counter-current principle, and thus obtains a high efficiency and low energy consumption.

The ejector scrubber operates under pressure, resulting in a faster reaction.

The venturi scrubber is built according to the venturi-principle, and is known for its lower efficiency.

BETE Gas Scrubbers

Each BETE gas scrubber is tailor-made and designed in function of a specific production process. Thanks to this approach, BETE gas scrubbers achieve output contaminant concentrations below any requested specification.

Moreover, redundant security systems are implemented, and the scrubbers can be used under very special circumstances.

BETE designs both compact laboratory models and fully automatic systems for the industry. For some examples of BETE gas scrubbers, take a look at the portfolio.

Total Cost

In contrast to similar technologies, BETE gas scrubbers have low total costs, because of their low maintenance costs. If requested by the customer, BETE also takes care of scrubber maintenance, with supply of a maintenance certificate.


Three stage packed tower scrubber in Italy
Three stage packed tower scrubber in Italy

Ejector scrubber for corrosive gasses
Ejector scrubber for corrosive gasses

Double venturi scrubber in The Netherlands
Double venturi scrubber in The Netherlands

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